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Perhaps your a passionate (short)filmmaker, screenwriter or just the avid movie buff? Upload posters/embed trailers along with info, plot, cast, etc. Let your readers go behind-the-scenes with B-roll footage. Cover the latest premiere on the red carpet. Same goes for gaming trailers or posting the latest music video from different artists, interviews, full concerts, and info on upcoming album and festivals.

Go nuts with cute animals, funny clips and bloopers. Or post cool GoPro-footage. Write informative features on the latest tech trends or push cool upstarts and useful apps. Rewrite existing articles together with cred. and links.

The list goes on with endless possibilities – guided by our menu with categories.

Note: If you post (fan-filmed) clips from concerts, interviews, etc. – avoid low audio/video-quality. Always aim for embedding in HD, or even better, use published footage from media outlets/broadcasting companys.

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