James Bond 25: Action Driving In Norway, Blowing Up Ship In Jamaica & Major Fireball/Explosion Gone Wrong – Rips 007 Stage (Video/Gallery)

The upcoming James Bond film has hit yet another roadblock following a major accident on the sets at Pinewood Studios in the UK. As per the official James Bond Twitter handle, a controlled explosion went wrong during the shooting of the film, damaging the exterior of the famous 007 stage at the iconic studio and injuring a crew member outside the stage. It is being reported that the film’s crew was testing a stunt involving a fireball in a laboratory set when the accident took place. As per some source, there were three loud consecutive explosions and a member of the crew was lying on the floor outside the building injured. This news comes days after the lead actor Daniel Craig damaged his ankle ligaments while shooting in Jamaica, with the production being cancelled for a week as he underwent surgery.

Meanwhile the second unit are hard at work in Norway, filming some car racing action along the beautiful, rather spectacular Altantic Ocean Road. No main cast present as far as we can tell.

VG video
NRK video

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series III
Might be some homage to the 1987 Aston Martin V8 Vantage that was driven in «The Living Daylights» (1987) starring Timothy Dalton as 007. It also has the same registration number, B549 WUU.

Stand-ins driving

The reason why the Bond «actors» have dots on their faces.

Technically the method is called «face replacement». In a Toyota Land Cruiser a «couple» is seated, with a children’s doll in the backseat. The trio looks like a conjugal family. In the Bond car, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a man sits in a green jacket. Most likely everyone are substitutes for the film’s more central actor profiles, norwegian newspaper Dagbladet are told.

During the film shoot on the Atlantic Road they also used a small and fast vehicle called a multi-camera car. This production tool is central in «replacing» the substitutes on set with real actors at a later time. Equipped with a total of eight cameras, the vehicle films the surroundings at a 360 degree angle.

Back in the studio, the cars used in the production are placed in a green screen room, and the real actors are seated, pretending to be on the Atlantic Road. The film material from the multi-camera car is then added to the green screen walls in the post production, and the illusion that the actors have been at work in Møre and Romsdal is complete.

A few weeks back the second unit shot a major explosion blowing up some kind of smaller (cargo) ship. A small plane approaching the ship and blows it up.

The explosion damaged part of the roof and a number of exterior wall panels. One staff member sustained a minor injury. No cast member present at the time.

James Bond 25: Production In Jamaica Has Begun (Video/Gallery)

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