London Bridge & Borough Market Terror Attack (Pictured: One Dead Terrorist)


– At ca 10 PM: A van struck pedestrians on London Bridge before continuing on to Borough Market where the suspects – three jihadists – left the vehicle and stabbed several people inside and outside a bar with long knifes/machetes. As they were running towards the people they were shouting ‘this is for Allah’.

– At ca 10.08 PM Police was alerted and came fast to the crime scene.

– At 10.16 PM: Armed officers responded and shot the three attackers dead within eight minutes of the first call outside a bar, Borough Market. Police say they believe all the attackers have been shot and killed.

– The attackers were wearing what appeared to be explosive vests but which were later found to be hoaxes.

– Seven people of the public were killed after the terror attack in the London Bridge & Borough Market area.

– Ambulance service says 48 patients were taken to five hospitals; 21 are in a critical condition.

– Four police officers who tried to stop the attack were among those injured, two of them seriously. One of them was an off-duty officer and amateur rugby player who tackled one of the terrorists, suffering stab wounds.

– Another, a British Transport Police officer who joined the force less than two years ago, took on the attackers armed with only his baton. He is in a serious condition.

– Eight armed officers fired a total of 50 bullets at the three attackers.

– One member of the public suffered gunshot wounds and is receiving treatment in hospital.

– Since the attack: 12 people have been arrested during police raids in Barking, east London. It’s understood one of the attackers lived at the address in Barking; neighbours say he was married with two children.

– All major political parties suspend national general election campaigning, except UKIP.

– The general election will go ahead on 8 June.

UK NUMBERS: Anyone worried about friends or relatives is advised to call 0800 096 1233 or 020 7158 0197



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