NASCAR Go Bowling 400 Crash Involving Joey Logano, Aric Almirola (Hospitalized) And Danica Patrick At Kansas Speedway

The Go Bowling 400 was halted with 67 laps remaining on Saturday night following a three-car wreck involving Aric Almirola, Danica Patrick and Joey Logano that resulted in Almirola being stretchered off the track before he was loaded into an ambulance. Almirola was airlifted to University of Kansas Medical Center.

The crash occurred on the 40th lap of the race’s final stage when Logano’s front right tire (broken brake rotor) appeared to go flat, which sent him into the side of Patrick’s car.

“The right front popped and it took a hard left out of nowhere,” Logano said. Logano and Patrick both walked away from the crash and were cleared following evaluations with infield medical care staff. While an update has not yet been provided regarding Almirola’s condition, the FS1 broadcast stated that he was conscious when he was placed on the stretcher.

FOX Sports

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