Prank: German Imposter Accept Award As ‘Ryan Gosling’ On Live TV

Dubbed #GoslingGate the whole thing was an carefully planned and elaborate hoax by two german comedians. And it all happend on the german award show Goldene Kamera 2017. The two comedians set up a fake agency and purported that they could get Ryan Gosling to appear at the ceremony, on the condition he won something (for his part in La La Land).

The exited host introduced ‘Gosling’ as ‘one of the hottest stars in Hollywood… the one and only, Ryan Gosling’.

Out steps a look-a-like, in reality a chef from Munich, and accepts the award and held the speech in broad german. The awkwardness grows as everyone in the room spots that the man a fraud – particularly fellow stars Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda and Colin Farrell – except the host, who allows him to make a speech. After the speech the fraud swiftly got of the stage while the host try to explain what just had happend on live tv.

Organisers have already reportedly ordered a complete revision of security procedures following the gaffe.

Here the planning and full hoax with eng. subs.

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