Tour A $250 Million Dollar Mansion In Bel-Air, California

The $250 million Bel Air, CA mansion, owned by developer Bruce Makowsky, spans 38,000 square feet and features 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a 75-foot infinity pool with hidden TV, six bars, a home movie theatre that seats up to 40 people (and outfitted with Herm├Ęs blankets and pillows), as well as a 30-foot long TV.

“If the property sells for $250 million, it will become the most expensive home ever sold in L.A. County. The current record stands at $100 million, notched twice last year in Holmby Hills: first for the Playboy Mansion, and later for a home on Carolwood Drive purchased by investor Tom Gores. The second-most-expensive home on the market is the former Candy and Aaron Spelling estate that listed in October for $200 million.”

LA Times article

It will be featured in the new season of Secret Lives of the Super Rich, premiering January 19th on CNBC.

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