Swedish Gym Threatens Sloppy Visitors With Bieber-Songs

“Each time you don’t pick up after yourself I will add a new Justin Beiber song to the playlist. Kind regards, The Staff”, the note says.

Stefan Ekeroth, manager at Athletes Club in the city of Karlstad in Sweden, got tired of sloppy gym visitors who threw weights and barbels around without picking them up.

– The sign ”Your mum doesn’t work here!” didn’t work anymore, says Stefan Ekeroth to Swedish Television.

Instead he made a drastic decision.

How do you get weightlifters and bodybuilders to clean up after them? The answer was to add another Justin Bieber song to the playlist of the gym every time the weights were left on the floor.

– You have to consider the atmosphere here. If you want to lift heavy weights it doesn’t do with a feeble voice of a boy singing ”Baby baby”. The visitors now even tell each other to pick up things to avoid any more Bieber on the list, says Stefan.

Bieber is far from a favourite at the gym. The visitors prefer to listen to hard rock. The gym has some 700 songs on its playlist. At the moment five of them are Bieber, but there is a risk of more, because the Bieber effect has not played out to the full yet.

– I’m sure there will be a few more. But it can’t be too many more, because then people would stop coming here altogether, says Stefan.

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